MeatCat' sExcellent Agenda

This is MeatCat's Excellent Agenda, the best server you've never been on. Up until now, your life has had no meaning and I'm surprised you've gotten this far without killing yourself by now. This is a semi-serious DarkRP, so don't get all butt hurt when people don't recite the rules. This is a DarkRP server, however the priority is for everyone to have fun. In fact, I don't care if everyone is breaking all of the rules as long as everyone currently in the server is having a blast. With that being said, read the rules below. If you're an experienced RP'er, at least read the special server information below the rules.

Server Owners (Usually names)


  1. Know and obey the basics of DarkRP.
    1. Don't RDM (Random Death Match): Attacking others without regards to proper roleplay.
    2. Obey NLR (New Life Rule): If you die due to proper roleplay, memories of your past life are gone.
    3. Obey job rules listed in each jobs' description in the F4 menu.
    4. None of these apply in the Flatgrass.
  2. Don't abuse props.
    1. Spamming - excessively spawning props
    2. Blocking - using props to completely deny access to areas of the map (blocking spawn will result in perma. ban, few to no exceptions)
    3. Killing - using props to attack other players
    4. Surfing - using props to push yourself to other areas
    5. Climbing - climbing on props to access areas
  3. Don't abuse doors and fading doors.
    1. Spam - constantly using a door (+use) or fading door while someone else is, so as to prevent the door from opening/closing
    2. Combat - using fading doors as a shield, only opening it to provide opportunity for you to attack
    3. Excess - having too many doors in an entrance, making it very hard to enter
  4. Obey the admins always, even if they disregard the rules or roleplay.
  5. Attempting or threatening to lag/crash the server will result in perma. ban.
  6. Pornography rules (in tribute to our first server, 3D Porn).
    1. The following are banned - furries(along with other mythical creatures), gore, children, elderly people, scat, homosexual males, futanari, and ill people.
    2. Remove your porn if other players, even one, isn't comfortable with it.
    3. Porn is only allowed in an admin designated "Porn Wall" in the case of rule 6b.
  7. Don't use racism or sexism if it bothers a majority of the players currently online.
  8. Player Appearance Customizer (PAC) Rules - PAC is a very generous privilege that is easy to abuse. Be responsible or you'll be severely punished.
    1. Don't change the size of your player model more than 20% (80-120% is acceptable)
    2. Don't have excessive amounts of props that'll lag the server
    3. Don't be larger than 2x your original size on the x and y-axis, and 1.5x on the z-axis.
    4. Don't change your model.
    5. Don't change your transparency (alpha).
  9. I've decided to condense the rules this time instead of giving you a book of very specific rules. Don't piss off the admins with loop holes, not using common sense, and being unreasonable; that is, unless you want a rule book.
  10. Have fun :). Or you'll be banned.

Special Server Information